September 8, 2014

TSG IntelBrief: NATO Summit Targets the "Islamic State"

• A strategy for defeating the so-called Islamic State (IS) began to emerge from the September 4-5, 2014 NATO summit in Wales, centering on a coalition of US and nine partner countries that will assist government and Kurdish forces in Iraq and moderate rebels in Syria

• Some NATO partners, including Britain, France, and Australia, might join US direct military action against IS forces, but no country, including the US, indicates it will deploy combat troops to Iraq or Syria

• Most of the “core” members of the anti-IS coalition will supply military aid and training to the Iraqi government and Kurdish peshmerga, help choke off IS finances, give humanitarian aid to communities most affected, and share intelligence on the organization

• The summit announced the widely predicted decisions to endorse a post-2014 training and counter-terrorism mission for Afghanistan, and to establish a rapid reaction NATO force as a sign of support for Ukraine and vulnerable eastern European NATO members.