The Soufan Center is a non-partisan strategy center dedicated to increasing awareness of global security issues in the United States and around the world. The Center fills a niche-role by producing independent, quality research and hosting proactive conversations in order to effectively equip thought leaders, policy makers, governments, bi- and multilateral institutions, media, and those in the non-profit and academic communities to engage in strategic security-related practices and dialogue about complex challenges. Our work focuses on a broad range of critical security issues including: international and domestic terrorism, humanitarian crisis analysis, great power competition, refugee and immigrant issues, and more.


By building strategic partnerships with and among leading institutions across public, private, nonprofit, academic and philanthropic sectors, and with thought leaders in the security and human rights communities, we lay the foundation for a safer world.


We examine a broad range of complex issues facing civil society, from international and domestic terrorism, to matters related to law enforcement, to cyber security, energy policy, and a range of human security challenges –environmental, food, and water resources.


By creating opportunities for civil society, philanthropies, policymakers and the private sector to come together, we facilitate dialogue with the aim of creating a comprehensive approach to greater human security.


We provide a nonpartisan forum for discussion of issues by the public, private, philanthropic and nonprofit communities, creating a space that allows for the identification of common sense solutions for a safer world.