The Soufan Center (TSC) is an independent non-profit organization offering research, analysis, and strategic dialogue on foreign policy challenges with a particular focus on global security, conflict prevention and resolution, and the rule of law. Our work is underpinned by an emphasis on prevention, mitigation, and a recognition that human rights and human security perspectives are critical to credible, effective, and sustainable solutions. As a bipartisan organization, TSC fills a niche role by producing objective and innovative analyses and recommendations that shape strategic policy and dialogue and equip governments, international organizations, the private sector, and civil society to act effectively.


The Soufan Center’s mission is to present key decisionmakers and stakeholders – governments, international organizations, the private sector, media, and civil society – with the critical information, analyses, and recommendations needed to prevent and respond to global security challenges.



The Soufan Center undertakes research and initiatives that cover a broad spectrum of global security threats including armed conflict, terrorism, illicit actors, and geopolitical dynamics, including the impacts on civil society, humanitarian action, and the rule of law. Through our daily IntelBrief, TSC reaches a wide international audience of policymakers, academics, and practitioners with a nuanced and in-depth assessment of important stories that shape our security environment. Through our Research, we provide in-depth analysis and action-oriented recommendations for key actors making policy and on the ground. Our Events allow us to reach a unique global network and diverse audiences to drive changes in policy and practice. Our Projects aim to amplify voices and perspectives from the field and build the capacities and networks critical to delivering comprehensive and effective responses to security challenges. Working closely with a wide range of Media, we are able to share our findings, analyses, and recommendations with an unparalleled audience. Our unique channel, TSC Arabic, ensures critical research and analysis developed by The Soufan Center is made available to Arabic-speaking audiences across the globe.



Founded in 2017 by former FBI special agent Ali Soufan, The Soufan Center is an independent, non-partisan, and registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Our Team is strengthened by diverse professional and cultural backgrounds, including experience in academia,  federal, state, and local government; international organizations; law enforcement; and the military. The Soufan Center organizes the Global Security Forum, an annual international conference bringing together a dynamic group of high level government officials, senior experts, and prominent journalists for innovative exchanges on some of the most pressing international challenges and critical opportunities to prevent and resolve them.

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