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October 25, 2021
2021 Global Security Forum: Cooperation Or Competition? Changing Dynamics Of Global Security
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October 4, 2021
A Perfect Storm: Insurrection, Incitement, And The Violent Far-Right Movement
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September 10, 2021
Diminished, but not Defeated: The Evolution of al-Qaeda Since September 11, 2001
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June 03, 2021
Terrorism and Counterterrorism in Southeast Asia: Emerging Trends and Dynamics
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May 25, 2021
The Decade of Defiance & Resistance: Reflections on Arab Revolutionary Uprisings And Responses From 2010 – 2020
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April 19, 2021
Quantifying the Q Conspiracy: A Data-Driven Approach to Understanding the Threat Posed by QAnon
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February 18, 2021
A Way Forward with Iran? Options for Crafting a U.S. Strategy
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January 21, 2021
Mapping Insecurity: Tracking Domestic Violent Extremism
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January 12, 2021
Statement by Max Rose & Ali Soufan on the Events of January 6, 2021
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December 7, 2020
The Soufan Center Announces New Executive Director
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August 12, 2020
The Atomwaffen Division: The Evolution of the White Supremacy Threat
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July 16, 2020
Statement on Behalf of The Soufan Center Board Chairman Senator Joe Donnelly
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June 11, 2020
Through The Lens Of Crisis: Covid-19 And The People On The Frontlines Of Conflict
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April 23, 2020
Inside the Russian Imperial Movement: Practical Implications of U.S. Sanctions
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March 12, 2020
The Nexus between Human Security and Preventing/Countering Violent Extremism
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September 27, 2019
White Supremacy Extremism: The Transnational Rise of the Violent White Supremacist Movement
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September 13, 2019
Ali Soufan Testifies before U.S. House Committee on Homeland Security
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September 10, 2019
Open Letter from National Security Professionals to Western Governments
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May 14, 2019
Iran’s Playbook: Deconstructing Tehran’s Regional Strategy
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January 23, 2019
Al-Qaeda in the Indian Subcontinent (AQIS): The Nucleus of Jihad in South Asia
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November 1, 2018
2018 Global Security Forum: Forum on Returning Foreign Fighters
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June 04, 2018
The Forgotten War: The Ongoing Disaster in Yemen