Through The Lens Of Crisis: Covid-19
And The People On The Frontlines Of Conflict

Through The Lens Of Crisis: Covid-19 And The People On The Frontlines Of Conflict is a new project  that seeks to highlight local stories and document on-the-ground realities in the Middle East and North Africa against the backdrop of the Coronavirus pandemic. supported by Carnegie Corporation of New York, The Soufan Center (TSC) is collaborating with journalist and security expert James Blake and the image verification platform Truepic to document these untold stories.

Working with local journalists, the project aims to document the humanitarian, societal, and security effects of COVID-19 across the MENA region. The stories will shed light on several issues, including the lack of international assistance in conflict-affected areas, the expansion of emergency powers and restrictions by governments in response to COVID-19, the use of disinformation campaigns by state and non-state actors, the dangers of human trafficking, forced labor, and modern-day slavery in vulnerable communities, and the risk of renewed protests and instability across the region as unemployment and poverty rise.

For inquiries about the project, please contact Hajer Naili,

Stories From the Field

The Soufan Center heard firsthand from multiple displaced persons, healthcare workers, and humanitarian organizations in Idlib, Syria about prevention efforts related to a potential COVID-19 outbreak, using Truepic’s image verification platform to record select images and interviews and help ensure accuracy and veracity of reporting. The interviews took place from late May to early June.


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