March 29, 2011

TSG IntelBrief: Libya: Are We There Yet?



Everywhere is suddenly a target rich environment.  The last week has seen almost as many political attacks on the strategy of the coalition towards Libya as the coalition has actually delivered on the armed forces of Col Qadhafi.

Political attacks are inevitable. The phenomenon of 24/7 news - along with the ubiquity of the Internet - means that, in the words of the popular saying: "Everyone's a critic."  March 29, 2011

Furthermore, the information hungry world has to be fed, column inches filed, and opinions aired. However, there is a world of difference between soundbites and a sound policy towards the world.

One of the key areas of criticism is being levied against those nations taking part in operations against Libya is that there is no strategy; and – so the critics continue – if you do not have the strategy, you cannot have an end state.

And, their apparently irrefutable logic continues, if you do not have an end state, then your military operation is doomed to failure.

The Soufan Group begs to differ. In certain cases, very few cases to be sure, the journey is also the destination. We believe this is one of those cases.

We believe that there are broader international cultural and political themes to examine rather than a narrow focus on the tactical day-to-day military operations, which - by their nature - ebb and flow constantly.

And it is these broader themes that will set the security and business trajectory in the years to come..


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