April 10, 2020

Webinar Event: Managing the Security Risks of Working Online During COVID-19

The Soufan Center, in a collaboration with The Soufan Group, hosted a webinar discussion on? Managing the Security Risks of Working Online During the Coronavirus Pandemic. With the spread of COVID-19, governments, businesses, communities, faith-based organizations, non-profits and beyond are implementing remote work and communication practices. While The Soufan Center has been extensively covering the geopolitical, security, and humanitarian implications of COVID-19, the discussion focused on the immediate implications at home and in the remote work environment and practical ways to address them – drawing on The Soufan Group’s expertise navigating complex, high-risk environments.

The webinar provided context and information on the threats and challenges that present themselves as entities move to a remote work environment and how to address them in practical ways. The discussion addressed a range of issues – from the physical security risk posed to offices, meeting places, and houses of worship left unoccupied, to conventional cyber-attacks and online crime, to rogue infiltration and rampant disinformation online – and presented recommendations for keeping communities safe at home and online.

The discussion was moderated by
Emerita Torres,
Director of Policy Research and Programs at The Soufan Center, along with expert speakers
Ammar Barghouty, Director of Cyber Consulting & Cyber Training at The Soufan Group
Phil Cowdell, President of the Consulting & Strategic Planning Division at The Soufan Group
Andre Khoury, Vice President for Strategic Partnerships at The Soufan Group.

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