October 16, 2014

TSG IntelBrief: The U.S.-India Relationship Reinvigorated

• Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s September visit to the United States allowed for the “soft reset” of a strategic partnership that has been in search of greater focus in recent years

• The smiles and handshakes served to ease the anxieties that had been building on both sides and had contributed to increased squabbling in the bilateral relationship

• Mutual frustrations are likely to continue in areas such as intellectual property rights and multilateral trade negotiations, where there has been no reconciliation in the two countries’ largely incompatible points of view

• The U.S. and India share clearly convergent interests in both combating Islamist militancy and in balancing against a rising China

• Although the partnership’s full potential is far from realized, these two geostrategic issues are sufficient to keep the trajectory positive and to sustain widely-held hopes that ties between the world’s two largest democracies will continue to deepen.