March 10, 2011

TSG Atmospherics: Oil Infrastructure Attacks, Strategy or Stealing?



Yesterday a further attack in a sequence of attacks took place against the 600 mile long Ceyhan-Kirkuk pipeline, which is Iraq's longest crude export line.

The attack on the north pipeline took place only 12 days after the attack on Baiji refinery.    Also, on 8 Mar 11, Baiji refinery was the target of a further failed attack.

TSG believes that a credible assessment is that Al Qa'ida in Iraq (AQI) may well be looking with renewed interest at Iraq's jugular vein – the oil pipelines and the infrastructure.

The Iraqi Oil Police are concerned that the recent attacks in Baiji may have been as a result of collusion between the employees of the refinery and the attackers - there is a previous history of such activity.  There may be an alternative reading of the attack.

Nevertheless, such attacks in Iraq threaten the world's fourth largest oil reserves, and what that could mean not just now, but also in the future.


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