December 7, 2011

TSG Atmospheric: Increased Threat to U.S. Citizens in Baghdad




On Saturday 3 Dec 11, the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad issued the following warning:

"Due to severe threats of kidnapping operations and terrorist attacks throughout Iraq, including the International Zone (IZ), the U.S. Embassy has greatly enhanced the security posture for U.S. Government employees.  This enhanced security posture includes severely restricted movement within the IZ.  

The U.S. Embassy recommends that U.S. citizens in all areas of Iraq, including the IZ, maintain a heightened sense of security awareness and take appropriate measures to enhance personal and operational security at this time.

U.S. citizens are advised to keep a low profile; vary days, times, and routes of travel; and exercise caution while driving and entering or exiting vehicles."

This threat has not been echoed by the British Embassy, which means that the intelligence upon which this warning is based is likely to be from U.S. national sources, and is also U.S. specific...


 This is an excerpt from the full report released to clients.


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