June 29, 2022

The Soufan Center Roundtable: “Deterrence and Denial: The Impact of Sanctions and Designations on Violent Far-Right Groups”

On June 29, 2022, The Soufan Center hosted a virtual roundtable discussion on responding to violent far-right groups through sanctions and proscriptions, as part of an ongoing TSC project, supported by the Airey Neave Trust (U.K.). Through research, interviews, and consultations with key stakeholders, TSC is reviewing and considering whether and how the measures taken by several states – in particular, the U.K., Canada, and other Five Eyes partners – have had the desired impacts, whether on a legal, political, or operational level. In this roundtable discussion, TSC shared initial findings and draft policy recommendations for discussion and feedback from participants. These discussions will inform the analyses and recommendations developed through this project.