Stories from the Field: Grappling with the Impact of COVID-19

Through paired videos and articles, the Soufan Center created a platform for stories from journalists in the field on the unique challenges
brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. This project was sponsored by Rockefeller Brothers Fund.

India’s Fight Against a Pandemic Leads to an ‘Infodemic’
Targeting Minorities and The Poor
February 16, 2021

The tackling of the Coronavirus pandemic in India — book-ended by the announcement of a stringent lockdown in March 2020, and now an ambitious nationwide vaccination plan in January 2021 — has laid bare social, economic, religious, and cultural fault-lines across the country. Fears and restrictions compounded pre-existing challenges in a country where an estimated 70 million people live in congested slums with little access to water, sanitation, and healthcare…

One Ambulance Crew on the Frontline of
Turkey’s Fight Against COVID-19
December 17, 2020
“The last eight months [of this pandemic] has been tough for us. There is more psychological fatigue than physical fatigue,” said Metin Eskisoy, a 23-year-old Emergency Medical Technician working in Istanbul with 112, Turkey’s health emergency hotline. With his two other colleagues, paramedic Dilek Çattikas, 27, and ambulance driver Yakup Erk, 38, they have been working 24-hour shifts every other day since the start of the pandemic in Turkey in March.