The Transnational Dimensions of Violent Far-Right Extremism in the United States, United Kingdom, and Beyond

In Partnership with Airey Neave Trust

The Soufan Center and Airey Neave Trust are collaborating on a research project to assess transnational dimensions of violent far right and white supremacist extremism, with a particular focus on the United States and the United Kingdom. The research will focus on the evolution of groups in both contexts, as well as ideological, financial, and operational connections, and gather lessons learned and experiences from governments, practitioners, and experts in addressing such violent groups. Moreover, the research will explore what lessons learned from the last two decades of fighting transnational terrorism might be applied to addressing violent far-right extremism. Data collected for the project will also enhance TSC’s Mapping Insecurity project to reflect the cross-Atlantic and transnational aspects of the violent far-right extremist movement.



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