Deterrence and Denial: The Impact of Sanctions and Designations on Violent Far-Right Groups

Supported by Airey Neave Trust

The Soufan Center, with the support of the Airey Neave Trust, is undertaking a project in Spring 2022 to deepen understanding about the impact of sanctions and proscriptions on terrorist groups, with a focus on violent far-right actors. Through research, interviews, and consultations with key stakeholders, TSC will assess whether the measures taken by several states – in particular, the U.K., Canada, and other Five Eyes partners – have had the desired impacts, whether on a legal, political, or operational level. To address different dimensions of the issue and offer concrete action-oriented findings and suggestions for practitioners, policymakers, and researchers, TSC will produce a series of Issue Briefs and host events to identify key challenges and successes, as well as lessons learned from other counterterrorism sanctions regimes – in particular, those aimed at ISIS and al-Qaeda. The final briefs are expected in Summer 2022.

This project builds on our project in 2021, supported by Airey Neave Trust, that led to the development of the October 2021 research report, “A Perfect Storm: Insurrection, Incitement, and the Violent Far-Right Movement.” This research in 2021 examined the transnational aspects of the violent far-right movements in the United States and the United Kingdom, exploring their history, relationship, and trajectories following the U.S. Capitol insurrection on January 6, 2020.

TSC Project Team:

Project Advisors:

  • Jessica Davis, Visiting Senior Fellow, The Soufan Center; President and Principal Consultant, Insight Threat Intelligence; and President, Canadian Association for Security and Intelligence Studies
  • Sue Eckert, Non-Resident Senior Adviser on Sanctions and Humanitarian Action, International Peace Institute


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The Soufan Center Roundtable: “Deterrence and Denial: The Impact of Sanctions and Designations on Violent Far-Right Groups”

National Press Club, Washington, D.C.
On May 24, 2022, The Soufan Center hosted a roundtable discussion in Washington, D.C. at the National Press Club on responding to violent far-right groups through sanctions and proscriptions, as part of an ongoing TSC project, supported by the Airey Neave Trust (U.K.).