June 6, 2022

NATO Defense Against Suicide Attack Course

From 6-10 June 2022, NATO’s Centre of Excellence Defence Against Terrorism (COE-DAT) organized an online course on ‘Defense Against Suicide Attack.’ The main aim of the course was to better understand the ideology and threat of suicide terrorism; examine past, current and future trends; examine the root causes, recruitment methods, and motivation of suicide terrorism; the modus operandi of suicide bombers; and response options to such threats from national and international entities, organizations, and nations. Stephanie Foggett, Research Fellow at The Soufan Center, delivered a lecture on ‘Media and Terrorism – Consequence Management of Terrorist Attacks.’ In her lecture, Ms. Foggett noted “terrorist and extremist groups need the media to report both their deeds and their political messages.” Susan Sim, Senior Research Fellow at The Soufan Center, delivered two lectures: one on ‘Modus Operandi of Suicide Bombers’ and another on ‘Narratives and Counternarratives in Suicide Terrorism.’ The lectures drew from Ms. Sim’s previous research in Afghanistan and Indonesia and interviews with former terrorists.