May 23, 2024

International Human Rights Conference Cultural Heritage as a Human Right

On May 23-25, 2024, The Soufan Center co-organized an international human rights conference in Florence, Italy with Gonzaga University School of Law, Gonzaga in Florence, and Cultural Heritage Partners PLLC on the theme “Cultural Heritage as a Human Right.” Research Analyst Michaela Millender presented on her TSC Issue Brief, “Identities Destroyed, Histories Revised: The Targeting of Cultural Heritage and Soft Targets by Illicit Actors,” highlighting the importance of security actors in combatting the illicit trade of antiquities and destruction of cultural heritage. Senior Research Fellow Colin P. Clarke also spoke on the importance of connecting local events within the larger global geo-political context, including how attacks on cultural heritage not only adversely impact local communities but also the international community and international law. Didier Bouakaze-Khan Senior Antiquities and Cultural Heritage Consultant with The Soufan Group also presented on how terrorist actors participate in the illicit antiquities trade.