December 16, 2022

IntelBrief: Peru Declares State of Emergency as Protests Spread and Turn Violent

AP Photo/Hugo Curotto

Bottom Line Up Front

  • Peru has been rocked by political upheaval since March 2022, escalating in recent weeks to countrywide protests and demonstrations in which seven people have been killed and many more injured.
  • Castillo’s former Vice President, Dina Boluarte, has assumed the presidency, backed by Defense Minister Alberto Otarola, who recently declared a state of emergency.
  • Boluarte is Peru’s fifth president in the last two years, a clear sign of the enduring political instability that has recently defined the country.
  • The coup accusations against Castillo conjure painful images for Peruvians of the reign of Alberto Fujimori, Peru’s former President who deployed the military to the streets to remain in power for an additional eight years after his term had expired.