October 18, 2021

Eradicate Hate Global Summit

From October 18-20, 2021, three of The Soufan Center’s experts participated in the inaugural Eradicate Hate Global Summit. The Eradicate Hate Global Summit was founded to foster the development and implementation of rule-of-law initiatives to counter hate around the world. The event, to occur annually near the date of the Tree of Life shooting, brough together people and organizations from around the world who are having the most significant impact in combating hate, preventing hate crimes, and providing justice for the victims of such crimes. Michael Masters, President of the Board of Directors at The Soufan Center, participated in a session on ‘Community Preparedness and Response.’ Colin P. Clarke, Senior Research Fellow at The Soufan Center, moderated a session called ‘This is Your Brain on Hate.’ Jason Blazakis, Senior Research Fellow at The Soufan Center, moderated a session on ‘Cryptocurrency and the Financing of Hate.’

Through a moderated interactive session, panelists will explore the human rights and security impacts for Afghanistan, regional, and international partners.  With the prospect of several states recognizing the Taliban regime, what are the key challenges and opportunities now in Afghanistan? The Soufan Center builds on its extensive analyses in reports, IntelBriefs, and the media to present this virtual discussion, bringing together researchers, analysts, and practitioners for a unique and timely discussion.