December 13, 2018

2018 Addendum to the 2015 Madrid Guiding Principles

At a special meeting of the Counter-Terrorism Committee (CTC) on 13 December 2018, participants reaffirmed the relevance of the Madrid Guiding Principles to assist Member States in their efforts to respond to the evolving foreign terrorist fighter phenomenon. The findings and recommendations from the 2018 Global Security Forum on Returning Foreign Fighters were included in the 2018 Addendum to the 2015 Madrid Guiding Principles. The discussions and issues raised during the 2018 Forum contributed to the negotiations of the Security Council Counter-Terrorism Committee in the development of the Addendum. The Committee and its Executive Directorate drew on their ongoing dialogue and engagement with the research community, including exchanges during The Soufan Center’s event in Doha in 2018.